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Social Media Marketing

– Changing how businesses define and promote themselves
In the past, a business was able to define itself with what it said in its advertising. Today, that landscape has changed, and now it’s often customers who define a business by providing real-time feedback through channels like blogs, social media, forums, review sites, and more. Much of your social media campaign can include both free and paid approaches.
For the first time, consumers have an equal chance to participate in conversations with brands; likewise, brands can communicate on a personal level with prospects and customers and understand the effects that their messages have. The opportunities that come along with this shift are plenty if you navigate it right.
However, there’s a struggle going on…

  • 89% of small businesses find that social media helps them gain exposure and increase their web traffic.
  • 31% say they don’t know how to use social effectively or “don’t know what to post.”
  • In fact, 90% of small businesses have Facebook pages, but nearly one-third have less than 32 fans? Similar numbers can be found on platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, and Pinterest.


Businesses with successful social media accounts have one thing in common: they offer a steady stream of relevant and interesting content to information-hungry followers. In order to stay top-of-mind, your posts should be made on a regular basis and sent evenly throughout the week.

Building an engaged audience can be difficult, and for many local businesses it’s the reason why they quit updating their pages long ago. Finding and writing that much material can be a time-consuming challenge that many small business operators simply can’t afford. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be original content. Most successful marketers suggest that 80% of your content come from other sources on subjects that help reinforce your brand.

Affordable-Revenue Generating Tools

Social Marketing gives your business the ability to grow your fan base and turn online leads into raving customers.
Running a successful social media channel doesn’t have to be hard work. Our Social Marketing tools automate part of the process and simplify the entire process to help your businesses grow your fan base, find real-time leads and share relevant content across all your social channels.

  • Build fan bases by re-posting interesting content from around the web
  • Find influential people to follow
  • Attract new customers and drive traffic to stores with deals, coupons, and offers
  • Realize the full benefits of an active, engaged social profile with prescriptive actions and step-by-step instructions that are informative and effective

With CogniLogic’s Social Marketing platform, we help you to quickly find interesting content, make it easy to automatically post or schedule future posts to most of your social channels, and we also track your results. It’s the easiest platform for your businesses to build a social presence and find new leads.

locked keys
Deliver real-time social leads
Every day, millions of consumers declare their buying intentions on social media.
With CogniLogic’s Social Marketing toolset, you can:

  • Gather leads based on geo-targeted keywords
  • Choose from pre-determined lead searches or create unique searches and receive alerts when prospects are discovered
  • Start conversations with customers and offer incentives to buy

free massage
Offer Promotions to Build a Fan Base
Promotions, discounts and coupons are still among the most effective ways to build an audience on social media. According to Forbes, 79% of U.S. consumers will Like a company on Facebook because it offers incentives.
By offering deals through Social Marketing, you can:

  • Increase traffic to your business’ social profiles
  • Entice customers to your stores
  • Track the reach, clicks, engagement, and ultimately the success of a campaign

customer service
Help provide stellar customer service
53% of small businesses use social media for customer support, so to save time and money we give you the ability to:

  • View comments from social media channels in one place
  • Respond to every interaction from the same intuitive screen
  • Manage ongoing relationships with customer history tracking

Hand over ready-to-publish content
We’ll help you find and stream relevant content to your dashboard so you won’t waste your valuable time hunting for things to share.

  • Select categories by industry and republish the hottest news
  • Set-up custom keyword searches for specific topics
  • Discover what people are saying about a subject and join in

Post to multiple social channels
Make life for local businesses as carefree as cruising the Caribbean. From one tab, business owners can:

  • Publish content to multiple social sites with the push of a button
  • Utilize in-line conversations so the context of interactions isn’t lost
  • Schedule a post and “set-it-and-forget-it”

Track performance across profiles
Our dashboard reports to you the most important stats that will help you understand their campaigns and insights into their social profiles.

  • Track growth across channels from one dashboard
  • Monitor changes in Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare reach
  • See the growth in fans and followers from social campaigns

generate leads
Generate Leads
With our Social Marketing dashboard, you can use social networks to find people who are “talking” about subjects related to your products and services. By setting keyword searches, you can find customers in your area and start an immediate conversation.

  • Find words and phrases that relate to your products or services. If you’re a locksmith, try “locked keys in car”.
  • Respond to the relevant search results by starting a conversation or making the person an offer.
  • Seal the deal and fulfill your end of the bargain. The system will automatically record all conversations for future viewing.

Find Leads with Check-Ins
Social sites like Facebook and Foursquare allow users to check-in at public venues with their mobile devices. Businesses can now see who’s checking in, encourage visitors to keep coming back, and entice new customers by monitoring the competition and knowing when to make the right offer. If your business is retail or a restaurant, we even have a solution that monitors visitors and sends a Beacon welcoming them to your location and telling them about your specials.

  • Who checks in most often. Reward frequent visitors so they’ll spread the word and keep coming back.
  • Entice new customers by offering specials or deals for new check-ins.
  • Lure people away from the competition. Monitor who’s checking in across the street and send them a quick message for next time they’re out.

leads and check ins
By using social media to generate leads, your business can see real ROI from social media:

  • Connect with new customers who have never heard of you before
  • Find people who are in need of immediate services
  • Increasing presence without increasing your advertising spend
  • Entice competitors’ customers with offers from check-ins

Your Internet Marketing Roadmap

The fact is, when it comes to marketing today, the best value and ROI comes from digital marketing. That’s not to say that traditional mediums such as radio, television, magazines, outdoor and direct mail aren’t important, too. They certainly are. But when was the last time you received a mailing or looked at an ad and didn’t see a website listed?

In order to be a successful online marketer, it is important to have two things: solid keyword research and an action plan. We’ll help you get both in place quickly!

Keyword Research: We will personally analyze your website, search trends, and your competitors to create a strategic keyword results list that you can actually work with. We hand select each keyword, analyzing and documenting its search volume, organic competition, and level of difficulty for which to rank.

Website Optimization: We will provide specific suggestions as to how you can better optimize your existing website, including a target keyword for each page as well as title tag and meta suggestions.

Action Planner: We’ll map out a three-month content marketing calendar — specifically highlighting ideas tailored to your online marketing goals. Our calendar will map out what you want to pursue to promote your business. It might be SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Facebook Advertising, or SEO oriented content marketing.

Our process starts with a free 1-hour consultation where we can get a feel for your specific needs, then we’ll craft a proposal for you to consider. The extent of our work is up to you. Schedule your consultation today at