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Your brand and social presence establishes your identity. Digital Content Marketing can certainly help establish your identity, but it has even greater power in enhancing your identity. At CogniLogic, we specialize in creating and publishing SEO enhanced Authority-oriented content to drive the right business to your door.

Blog Posts

Consistency is key to maintaining a presence in front of your target audience and on social media platforms. Our team of writers and researchers can produce a steady flow of personable, timely and informative posts — and publish them on your behalf.

The cost of blog posts depends on your goals and industry. Goals may include building subscribers, establishing a presence as an industry expert, selling products or purely to gain search engine ranking.

    Blog Posts (content only): Includes optimized post delivered as a Word doc: $89
    Blog Post + Image + Posting: Includes image, SEO friendly HTML, anchor text linking: $99

SEO Optimized Media Releases

A keyword optimized media release written with a minimum of 350 words, three anchor text links, two URLs and photo.

Distributed to our extensive list online press release and news sites. Your release on Online PR Media can include embedded YouTube or Slideshare videos, an image, and up to three downloadable files (such as PDFs, Word Docs, Excel Sheets, or additional images).

For an extra fee, you can take advantage of our partnership with PR Newswire and have your release distributed on the oldest and most respected newswire available. Newswire distribution typically generates between 50 and 200 additional links from quality online publications such as Forbes.com, online business journals, and television station news sites.

Authority Marketing

Nothing enhances your Identity and reputation more than being perceived as an authority in your field. Whether or not you are certainly helps, but even if you’re not we can help change perceptions so that you ARE an authority in your area of expertise. Here is how we help accomplish that.

Authority Articles

Keywords are important, but creating quality, engaging content is where you are going to really stand out online! We’ll work with you to generate article and blog ideas that contribute to the conversation rather than just adding to the noise. We’ll position you as an expert in your field by focusing on the common questions and concerns of their target audience.

Our article writing service is available at several different levels. Please note, highly technical or specialized content (such as medical or legal topics) typically require additional research and will need custom quoting.

Additionally, we recommend publishing articles on your own article marketing, websites and social media accounts. If you do not currently have profiles on article marketing sites, we can get you started!

Authority Content

Authority content is typically a longer, more in-depth article that contains images, info graphics, video and other multimedia. This type of user-generated content offers a way for your client’s content to claim multiple spots in the search engine rankings. Squidoo.com and Hubpages.com are examples of places to publish “how to’s” and other informational content.

Our services include:

  • Creating a profile on an authority site
  • 1,500 words of content
  • Client based research
  • Web based research
  • Locating 3 relevant but non-competitive videos
  • Securing 5 images
  • 3+ outbound links to related topics
  • Proper article formatting based on authority site

Custom Media Alert/Influencer Campaigns

With our media release services your content has been published all over the web, finding its way in front of people searching for your keywords and driving valuable backlinks to your site. Headlines and links are being shared on social networks, finding their way in front of new audiences.

Using your input and our research, identify 10 influential content publishers (magazines, bloggers, radio stations, etc.), we’ll put your news headline directly in front of media influencers in your niche with a custom campaign. Keep in mind that not only will this help position you as an authority, you’ll gain citations from high ranking domains thereby elevating your business in Search Engine results.

Expert Articles in Magazines & Journals

One of the foundations of PR is the immense value that businesses get from third-party endorsements. Being chosen to author a guest post on an influential blog or an article in an industry magazine can result in a huge amount of exposure (and quality link building).

We can position you as an expert author in leading industry publications, researching and working closely with you to identify story angles that are interesting, relevant, and valuable for publishers. We’ll then pitch these stories to your top three media outlets in an effort to secure a guest author opportunity.

What we do:

  • Work with you to identify your top three media outlets
  • Research past issues/blogs of the publication to understand it’s personality and that of the target audience
  • Outline three story angles that would be interesting, useful, beneficial and relevant to the publications’ readers, on which you are able to speak as an expert
  • Write custom pitch letters to individual editors, customizing the story ideas so that they are tailored to each publication.
  • Follow up with editors in a timely manner and tweak story outlines as needed.

The longer we work with you, the less costly this service tends to become since all service pieces are not always needed for every project.


Slideshare, a LinkedIn property, is fast becoming a powerful authority site in Google, ranking high and quickly for keywords. You should consider adding slideshows to communicate complex processes, sales messages, and how-to’s
We’ll help you create a 10-page slideshow published on Slideshare (based on existing content) with search engine optimized titles and descriptions and tags for enhanced visibility.

Our slideshow package includes:

  • Slide share profile creation
  • Optimized content for a 10-page slideshow
  • Layout and design
  • Publication on Slideshare
  • Publication on PDF for multiple future uses/publications