Helping Individuals and Business
Navigate the Identity Lifecycle

Identity Lifecycle Management & Marketing

It’s long been taught in business that products have a lifecycle with stages including Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline. It’s not too difficult to comprehend a person has a lifecycle that includes similar stages from birth to death, and frankly, it’s not all much different for a business.

Heretofore, Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM) has been an IT buzz phrase about establishing and managing the roles and access privileges of individual network users to data assets at a company. But at CogniLogic, we have a different take on identity management because we’re marketing people. An Identity is defined by the qualities and/or values of a person or group that differentiates itself from others, and this most often manifests itself as a personal or business brand.

So it’s not too difficult to comprehend a brand has both an identity and a lifecycle that includes several stages that are not too different from product lifecycle stages. When it comes to identity lifecycle marketing, we translate these stages through the following actions:


Claim It!

    – Local SEO
    – Listing Management


Define It!

    – Brand Assessments
    – Brand Creation
    – Brand Strategy & Guidelines


Promote It!

    – SEO, SEM, PPC
    – Social Media Promotions
    – Public Relations


Enhance It!

    – Content Marketing
    – Authority Marketing
    – Reputation Management

It’s Your Identity. Defend It!

Interestingly, both products and identities have had to deal with the criminal element. Businesses have long had to deal with counterfeit products infiltrating the marketplace.

Since 2001, the Federal Trade Commission has listed Identity Theft as the number one fraud crime in the United States. Initially, identity theft was a crime where criminals would steal the identities of individuals, but today thieves are stealing business identities as well.

In 2015, the cost of Business Identity Theft (not including data breaches) amounted to more than $30 billion. According to the FBI, the typical small business that is a victim of Identity Theft is out of business within a year.

For that reason, CogniLogic has established a division, The Identity Defenders, devoted exclusively to address problem. For more information on protecting both personal and business identities, visit The Identity Defenders website.